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    Converse University Application Management

    We are excited that you are considering Converse University! You will use this portal to submit your application, upload necessary documents, and track your progress throughout your admissions process.

    Please choose the application that best fits your circumstances. If you start an incorrect application, please contact the Office of Admissions by phone at 864.596.9040 or by email at to make updates to your application. Please do not start a second application.

    Select an application:
    Undergraduate – if you are a current senior in high school, a transferring college student, or an adult age 25+ seeking a bachelor's (college) degree
    Graduate – if you have already received a bachelor's (college) degree and wish to pursue an advanced master's or doctoral degree

    If you choose Undergraduate, you will then select from the following applications:
    CCW –
     for those interested in being a part of the Converse College for Women, which is an empowering living-learning community within Converse University for female-identifying students
    First-Time Freshman – for those who are currently finishing high school (including those with dual-enrollment credit)
    Transfer – for students who have already started college at another institution (after graduating from high school or earning their HSED/GED) and wish to complete their degree at Converse or those who have received an associate's (two-year) degree and want to pursue a bachelor's (four-year) degree
    Adult Converse II (age 25+) Freshman – for adults who have no credit towards a bachelor's degree
    Adult Converse II (age 25+) Transfer – for adults who have some credit towards a bachelor's degree


    Returning users:

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    First-time users:

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    For questions regarding your application or application status, please contact Admissions at 864.596.9040 or